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Guiding You to Strategic Success in California

"[Amy] brings a wealth of policy and budget experience but more importantly, she listened to our goals intently and helped us plan an effective path forward." 

Su Jin Gatlin Jez

Executive Director, California Competes

Navigating California's Political Landscape with Finesse


At Full Moon Strategies, our strategic consulting services are designed to be your compass in the complex California political landscape. We understand that achieving policy success in such a dynamic environment requires more than just knowledge; it necessitates a deep understanding of the art of the possible. Through our hands-on approach, we offer unvarnished, sincere feedback, coupled with personalized strategies that reflect the unique challenges and opportunities you face.

Our team isn’t just about providing advice; we're about crafting a customized roadmap that guides you through every twist and turn of the policy-making process. Whether it’s understanding the nuances of the Legislature, leveraging our understanding of the processes utilized in the Governor's office, or navigating state agencies and local governments, we stand ready to help you turn your policy goals into reality. With Full Moon Strategies, you’re not just hiring a consultant; you’re gaining a trusted partner committed to seeing you achieve public policy success.  That means if there is not a viable path forward--we will tell you that. 

Reflecting on our past projects, the Full Moon Strategies team is humbled and proud of the impact we've had across various policy areas. Our engagement with State and local government budget processes has been particularly rewarding.  All meaningful public policy requires funding.  In local government, we've assisted in projects to increase civic participation in the local budget process to ensure open and active community involvement.

In public education, we've explored topics at the highest levels and navigated the complex waters of Higher Education policy and finance.  Our work in researching K-12 Basic Aid financing highlighted the political difficulties in California around equitable finance for districts across California.  We've also worked on more niche issues like local District Reorganization.

At Full Moon Strategies, these projects represent just a fraction of our commitment to crafting impactful public policy strategies. Each venture, rooted in a sincere dedication to public service, has reinforced our belief in the power of thoughtful policy work to effectuate positive change.

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