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California State and Local Budget Expertise

"Amy does it all. She can draft language, navigate the budget process and work seamlessly with our team."

Emily Riner

Government Relations Director, WGU

Providing Clarity On The State Budget Process


At Full Moon Strategies, our foundation is built on the unparalleled experience and insight of our CEO, Amy Costa. With a career trajectory that provided unique insight and access, Amy has been at the forefront of policymaking in some of the most critical roles across the State of California. Her journey is not just a reflection of personal achievement but a testament to the impact thoughtful policy and dedicated service can have on a community and a state.

Amy's tenure as the Chief Deputy of Budget at the Department of Finance under former Governor Jerry Brown was marked by a deep commitment to the health and welfare of California’s Budget. In this high-stakes role, she navigated complex fiscal landscapes, mastering the art of budget creation - a powerful yet often misunderstood tool in California policy circles.

Her influence extended into legislative leadership, where Amy's sharp policy and political acumen shaped significant legislative decisions. Her work has always been driven by a belief in the power of policy to improve lives, a principle she carried into her role as Deputy County Administrator of Alameda County. Amy's local government experience allowed her to understand and address the unique needs of the community, applying her broad scope of expertise and understanding the local-state government budget relationship.

At Full Moon Strategies, we are driven by Amy’s enduring vision that the budget process is not just an annual task, but a profound opportunity for policymaking. Despite the complexity and breadth of California's budget, Amy has consistently demystified its intricacies. Her commitment to clarity and inclusiveness in fiscal policy ensures that the budget is comprehensible to everyone and is an important tool in shaping the future of California.

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