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A Rose by Any Other Name

Choosing the right company name is more than just a technical hurdle—it reflects your identity, values, and vision. Your company name is the first impression you give as an organization. Securing a domain name and designing logos can indeed be challenging, but the significance of a name goes well beyond those operational issues. I tortured myself going over millions of names and I'm glad I did.

Take Full Moon Strategies, for instance. When I first shared the name, some humorously suggested it might imply someone mooned me! In reality, it's a name steeped in personal meaning. As a child, I used to point out full moons to my father, who has since passed away, and would declare it "my moon." For me, the full moon symbolizes the childlike wonder that anything is possible. It's a reminder to never lose that sense of curiosity and possibility in life and business. Curiosity drives effective public policy. Ellon and I fully immerse ourselves in learning new issue areas from clients and experts to most effectively advocate for our clients.

Using a name rooted in a memory of my dad is also significant because he planted the seed of an interest in politics. As a union man, he understood the power of public policy to transform lives. Beyond his influence in the realm of politics, my dad was also my biggest fan. He always cheered me on, whether I deserved it or not, and his unwavering support instilled in me the confidence to take on some pretty big jobs. I now more fully understand the power of having someone in your corner, and it’s a driving force behind the work we do at Full Moon Strategies.

Our tagline, "The shape of the moon doesn't change, only our perspective does," is a profound reflection of my personal views on politics. In public policy, success often hinges on the ability to see and appreciate the multitude of perspectives that exist. Just as the moon remains constant while appearing different from various vantage points, political issues remain the same even though stakeholders perceive them differently based on their positions and experiences and the global context in which any conversation happens. Understanding these diverse viewpoints is crucial for effective advocacy and policy-making. It's about stepping into others' shoes, acknowledging their concerns, and finding common ground.

In addition to representing varied perspectives, the moon is a powerful symbol of the feminine, weaving its way through the fabric of numerous cultural narratives and mythologies. The depiction of the moon isn't just a pretty visual; it's tied to the divine feminine and the power of intuition. Full Moon Strategies is an unapologetically woman-centered and focused endeavor. It's more than a business—it's a mission to empower and uplift women. In every full moon, I see hope, potential, and a reminder of boundless opportunities.

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