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Your Path to California Policy Success Begins Here

Full Moon Strategies provides a unique approach to state policy advocacy in California, distinguished by our extensive experience and stellar professional reputation. Our unparalleled expertise spans the Legislature, Governor's office, state agencies, local government, and Fortune 500 companies.  We ensure our clients successfully navigate the complexities of state policy with ease and effectiveness.


Integrity-Led Advocacy

We stand firm in our commitment to integrity, accepting only clients whose objectives align with our ethical standards. Every strategy we devise is grounded in honesty and transparency.  Our shared values ensure we represent your best interests passionately. 




Our vigilance in avoiding client conflicts allows us to focus wholeheartedly on each client’s unique needs, ensuring personalized and effective advocacy that truly represents their interests.


Fact-Based Strategies

Our approach is always rooted in verifiable facts, current laws, and relevant policies, ensuring our clients are always on solid ground.


Collaborative Approach

We recognize that successful advocacy is a two-way street. Our clients are experts in their respective fields, and by combining their industry knowledge with our political and policy expertise, we forge a team that is unmatched in its ability to achieve results.



Our strategies are not only based on the current law but also crafted in the context of the present political environment. This allows us to anticipate changes and adapt swiftly, keeping our clients one step ahead.

At the very heart of Full Moon Strategies lies Amy Costa's lifelong dedication to making a tangible difference through public policy. Her story began in California's bustling policymaking corridors, fueled by a firm belief that effective public policy should uplift and serve individuals from every walk of life. With roots deeply embedded in public education, Amy viewed it as the great equalizer—an unparalleled opportunity creator for all people. Spanning decades, her public service was more than a career; it was a calling.


Full Moon Strategies is the embodiment of this profound journey, a testament to Amy's unwavering commitment to her community and California. In an age where politics often breeds skepticism, our mission, instilled by Amy, is to rekindle faith in its potential—a belief that, through strategic advocacy and an unyielding commitment to ethics, politics can and should be a force for creating boundless possibilities for all.

The Team
The Team

Founder and CEO

Amy Costa

(916) 313-4604

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Ellon Brittingham

(916) 252-3013

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