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About Us

Amy Bio

Founder and CEO

Amy Costa

Amy Costa is a public policy, public affairs, and organizational strategist with over two decades of experience in an array of senior strategic and executive roles. Costa’s experience includes serving as top leadership at the highest levels of California government, leading public affairs strategy for one of Californian’s largest employers, teaching and coaching organizational decision-making for Fortune 100 companies, overseeing public affairs strategies for one of the world’s largest higher education systems, and working as the Deputy County Administrator of Alameda County.

Over the course of her career in public service, after specializing in education policy, Amy became a utility player in the many policy areas across the state budget. Amy served as part of the negotiation team for Governor Brown on extending the State’s cap and trade program. She served as the lead for Senate Democrats on an education GO bond. Costa also led on the first major state investment in California history in homelessness with the creation of the Homeless Emergency Aid Program. She has been involved in a number of ground-breaking higher education policies including the Associate Degree for Transfer and the Student-Centered Funding Formula for California community colleges. As part of the 2022-23 State Budget, Amy helped several clients secure funding including a $500 million appropriation for a capital project.  In the 2023-24 State Budget, Amy secured $73 million in line-items for clients and helped secure a $4.8 million grant.  

Costa left public service in 2021 to open Full Moon Strategies so she could use her unique experience solving complex public policy problems from many different vantage points to help her clients achieve their objectives. Costa says the best strategies start early and get the government working to resolve problems before it starts creating them.

Amy is a proud mother of three and an alumna of Saint Mary’s College of California.


Ellon Brittingham

Ellon's professional journey began at Saint Mary’s College of California, where her dedication and hard work earned her Summa Cum Laude honors. This solid foundation propelled her into the dynamic world of digital media and marked the start of her career at Full Moon Strategies. 

Ellon’s earliest roles before Full Moon Strategies spanned the digital media gamut from live sports filming, video production, social media management, content creation, to website and graphic design. She then took her digital media experience to the next level supporting corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company in utilities, supply chain, and infrastructure sectors.  

Translating complex information into beautiful, digestible visual formats is one of the ways Ellon brings our client stories to life with policymakers.  As a lobbyist, Ellon helps lead our lobby days, works with clients to ensure bill tracking suits their needs, and provides clear, compelling communication to policymakers.  Ellon familiarizes herself with the details of our client’s business to ensure statutory language reflects and excels their needs.  

Ellon took a chance to join Full Moon Strategies shortly after the business was established. Ellon's upbringing on a ranch has instilled in her the values of hard work, understanding small businesses, and a profound sense of community–the same values held by Full Moon Strategies. These principles not only shape her professional ethos but also add a personal touch to her interactions. Ellon is approachable, thoughtful, and genuine—a combination that makes her an integral part of the Full Moon Strategies team.  ​A Central Valley native, Ellon enjoys new experiences including exploring new places to quench her wanderlust for adventure and meeting new people.  She believes in exercising the right side of her brain as much as her strategic mind, embodying the belief that creativity and logic can, and indeed must, coexist.

Ellon Bio
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